Omelet Sandwiches / Omlet sendviči

Guys, I have for you the easiest and tastiest omelet sandwiches. There are no skillets involved, so the preparation and the cleanup are a breeze. Actually, this recipe is so simple that I almost feel bad putting it up there.




(Yields 1 serving / 1.29 EUR)

For sandwiches:

1 egg (0.20 EUR)

1 tbsp crème fraîche (0.13 EUR)

Pinch of salt (0.01 EUR)

Pinch of freshly ground black pepper (0.01 EUR)

4 slices of ham (0.40 EUR)

3 tbsp shredded cheese (0.40 EUR)

2 slices of dense stale bread (0.13 EUR)


Oil for greasing the pan (0.01 EUR)



Preheat the oven to 200°C. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil for easy cleanup. Lightly grease the foil and set aside. In a small bowl, whisk together egg, crème fraîche, salt and pepper. Tear or shred ham into smaller pieces, then stir in the egg mixture together with shredded cheese. Divide the mixture between bread slices and bake for 10 minutes, until the egg is thoroughly cooked and the ham begins to crisp up. Serve immediately.



Dragi ljudi, imam za vas najlakši i najfiniji omlet sendvič. Ovdje nema nikakvog pečenja u tavi pa su priprema i čiščenje čas posla. Zapravo, ovaj recept je tako jednostavan da mi ga je skoro pa i neugodno objaviti.


(Za 1 porciju / 9,66 kn)

Za sendviče:

1 jaje (1,50 kn)

1 žlica milerama (1,00 kn)

Prstohvat soli (0,01 kn)

Prstohvat svježe mljevenog crnog papra (0,10 kn)

4 šnite šunke (3,00 kn)

3 žlice ribanog sira (3,00 kn)

2 šnite ne baš friškog i malo čvršćeg kruha (1,00 kn)


Ulje za namastiti protvan (0,05 kn)


Zagrijte pećnicu na 200°C. Obložite protvan za pečenje sa aluminijskom folijom za brže čišćenje. Lagano namastite foliju i stavite na stranu. U zdjelici razmutite jaje, mileram, sol i papar. Natrgajte ili narežite šunku na manje komadiće, pa umiješajte u smjesu jajeta skupa sa ribanim sirom. Podijelite smjesu među šnitama kruha i pecite 10 minuta, dok se jaje skroz ne ispeče, a šunka se lagano zahrska. Poslužite odmah.

Omelet Sandwiches / Omlet sendviči

Guacamole and Cheese Omelette Toast / Toast sa guacamoleom i omletom sa sirom

I lucked out and scored some avocados on sale, so I’ve decided to make a quick guacamole. Throw in an egg, and you have a healthy, simple and delicious lunch.



(Yields 1 serving / 1.66 EUR)

For guacamole:

½ avocado (0.33 EUR)

½ small onion, diced (0.03 EUR)

2 garlic cloves, minced (0.03 EUR)

5 cherry tomatoes, diced (0.40 EUR)

Juice from ½ of a lemon (0.13 EUR)

1 tbsp finely chopped fresh parsley (0.03 EUR)

Pinch of salt (0.01 EUR)

Pinch of freshly ground black pepper (0.01 EUR)

For cheese omelette:

1 egg (0.20 EUR)

1 tsp cold water (–)

Pinch of salt (0.01 EUR)

Pinch of freshly ground black pepper (0.01 EUR)

½ tbsp butter (0.07 EUR)

¼ cup grated cheese (0.27 EUR)


2 pieces of toasted bread of choice (0.13 EUR)



Make the guac by crushing peeled avocado with a fork. Stir in diced onion, minced garlic, diced cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, chopped parsley, salt and pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning, then set aside.


In a bowl whisk an egg with a teaspoon of cold water and pinch of salt and pepper. Add butter to a pan set on medium heat. Once the butter melts, swish around the pan, so it gets coated evenly. Pour in the whisked egg so it’s distributed in a thin and even layer, then sprinkle with shredded cheese. Cook for about two minutes, until the bottom of the egg starts getting golden-brown and the top with the cheese is just set. Fold the omelette in half, press it down with a spatula and remove from heat.

To assemble the sandwiches, cut the omelette in half and place each half over a slice of toasted bread. Dollop with guacamole and serve immediately.


Posrećilo mi se pa sam uspjela naletiti na avokado na akciji i odlučila sam se za brzinski guacamole. Ubacite još i jaje, pa imate zdravi, jednostavan i fini ručak.


(Za 1 porciju / 12,37 kn)

Za guacamole:

½ avokada (2,50 kn)

½ malog luka, sitno nasjeckanog (0,25 kn)

2 češnja češnjaka, sitno nasjeckana (0,25 kn)

5 cherry rajčica, narezanih na kockice (3,00 kn)

Sok od ½ limuna (1,00 kn)

1 žlica nasjeckanog svježeg peršina (0,25 kn)

Prstohvat soli (0,01 kn)

Prstohvat svježe mljevenog crnog papra (0,05 kn)

Za omlet sa sirom:

1 jaje (1,50 kn)

1 žličica hladne vode (–)

Prstohvat soli (0,01 kn)

Prstohvat svježe mljevenog crnog papra (0,05 kn)

½ žlice maslaca (0,50 kn)

¼ šalice ribanog sira (2,00 kn)


2 šnite tostiranog kruha po izboru (1,00 kn)


Prvo napravite guacamole tako da vilicom izgnječite oguljeni avokado. Umiješajte unutra nasjeckani luk, češnjak, cherry rajčice, sok od limuna, peršin, sol i papar. Kušajte i prilagodite začine, pa stavite na stranu.

U zdjelici razmutite jaje sa žličicom hladne vode, soli i paprom. Stavite maslac da se rastopi na tavi na srednjoj vatri, pa malo promrdajte tavu da se ravnomjerno namasti. Ulijte razmućeno jaje tako da tava bude pokrivena u tankom sloju i po vrhu posipajte sir. Pecite oko dvije minute, dok donja strana omleta ne postane zlatno-smeđa a gornja strana se ne počne zgušnjavati. Preklopite omlet na pola, pritisnite ga špatulom i maknite s vatre.

Složite sendviče tako da omlet prepolovite, stavite na svaku šnitu kruha po jedanu polovicu i pokrijte jaje sa guacamoleom. Poslužite odmah.

Guacamole and Cheese Omelette Toast / Toast sa guacamoleom i omletom sa sirom

Turkey and Mushroom Phyllo Rolls / Burek sa puretinom i gljivama

I know, I know, we’ve just finished with the holidays and are probably all ready for a detox and yet here I am, bringing such a rich dish on the table. In my defense, I’ve made this prior to Christmas and everything else I’ve ingested afterwards. I just couldn’t get around to write up a post about it. Well, since I am on vacation as of three days ago, the post is finally being compiled.

Please be warned that this recipe yields an enormous amount and could easily feed 8-10 people, especially if served with a nice big salad. However, this dish both freezes and reheats great, so don’t be afraid to stock up. Oh, and don’t be intimidated by this super long block of text. You’ll see that this dish is actually quite simple to make and, while it might take up some time, it’s most absolutely worth it.


(Yields 12 rolls / 0.93 EUR per roll / 11.17 EUR for all)

To assemble the rolls:

12 sheets of phyllo pastry (1.33 EUR)

500 grams of turkey breast (4.67 EUR)

1 tsp salt, divided (0.01 EUR)

1 tsp freshly ground black pepper, divided (0.01 EUR)

3 tbsp sunflower seed oil, divided (0.02 EUR)

2 large onions (0.20 EUR)

3 garlic cloves (0.10 EUR)

3 tbsp butter (0.40 EUR)

500 grams of Portobello mushrooms (2.00 EUR)

Handful of Shiitake mushrooms (1.33 EUR)

2 cups of chicken stock (0.48 EUR)

Handful of fresh parsley (0.13 EUR)

2 tbsp corn starch (0.07 EUR)

2 tbsp warm water (–)

To pour over rolls:

1/3 cup chicken stock (0.08 EUR)

2 tbsp butter (0.27 EUR)


Butter for greasing the baking dish (0.07 EUR)



Start off by cutting turkey breast into small cubes, then toss them with ½ teaspoon of salt and ½ teaspoon of pepper and allow to sit for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile you can dice the onion, mince garlic, cut mushrooms into thin strips and finely chop up parsley, so you have everything ready for later on.

Place a larger pot on high heat, add 1 tablespoon of oil to it and stir-fry half of the turkey. Using a slotted spoon remove the meat from the pot and set aside, add another tablespoon of oil and fry the rest of the meat. Remove all meat and keep aside.

Add remaining oil to the pot and sauté onion until softened and slightly translucent. Add in minced garlic, stir and cook for a minute or two. Now add in butter, mushrooms and remaining salt and pepper and stir everything well. Cook for about 10 minutes, so the mushrooms can soften down. Pour stock over, add in parsley and bring to a rolling boil. Once boiling, dissolve corn starch in warm water and stir into the filling so it thickens. Return the fried turkey back to the pot, stir everything well, then taste and adjust seasoning.


Allow the filling to cool down a bit. Meanwhile grease your baking dish or dishes with a bit of butter and set aside. I assembled my rolls in two baking dishes, baking one right away and freezing one for later, so do this the way it works for you.

When ready to bake, preheat oven to 180°C. Spread phyllo sheets on clean flat surface. Assemble the rolls by adding about 3 tablespoons of filling to each phyllo sheet and roll them up, then nest the rolls neatly in to the prepared baking dish. If you’re planning to freeze the rolls, cover the prepared baking dish with assembled rolls with cling foil, then stash in the freezer. There is no need to thaw the rolls before baking, just add about 5 minutes to the total baking time. Otherwise, place the rolls in preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes, until golden and crispy.


If you enjoy the rolls super crispy, you can eat them up right away because they are ready. I prefer mine softened, so I add an additional step. Please note that the amount of stock and butter for drizzling over rolls are for the total amount of 12 rolls which are in the recipe. If you froze a portion, adjust the amount accordingly so you don’t end up with a soggy mess.

Once the rolls are baked, bring the remaining 1/3 cup of stock to a boil with 2 tbsp of butter. Drizzle this mixture over baked rolls, cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and return to the oven for another 10 minutes. Be super careful when handling the baking dish because it’s gonna be hot. Also, be equally careful when removing the foil so the steam doesn’t get to you. Cut the rolls up in smaller pieces and serve them warm. For reheating, just nuke them up in a microwave for half a minute or reheat in the oven in a covered oven-safe dish.

Znam, znam, tek smo završili sa blagdanima i svi smo skupa vjerojatno spremni za jedan detox, a eto mene sa jednim ovako bogatim jelom. U svoju obranu mogu reći da sam ovo radila prije Božića i prije nego što sam potamanila sve što je uslijedilo. Ali jednostavno nisam nikako uspijevala sjesti i napisati recept. E pa pošto sam od prije tri dana na godišnjem odmoru, ovaj post je napokon napisan.

Molim vas da imate na umu da je ovo recept za enormnu porciju i lako može nahraniti 8-10 ljudi, posebno ako bureke poslužite sa nekom lijepom velikom salatom. No ovo se jelo također i super smrzava i podgrijava, pa se nemojte bojati napraviti zalihu. E da, i nedajte da vas ovaj super dugi blok teksta obeshrabri. Ovakav burek je jako jednostavan za napraviti, a iako možda zahtijeva malo više vremena, stvarno se isplati jer je prefin.


(Za 12 bureka / 6,98 kn po bureku / 83,73 kn za sve)

Za nadjev za bureke:

12 komada kora za savijače (10,00 kn)

500 g purećih prsa (35,00 kn)

1 žličica soli, podijeljena (0,01 kn)

1 žličica svježe mljevenog crnog papra (0,10 kn)

3 žlice suncokretovog ulja, podijeljene (0,15 kn)

2 velika luka (1,50 kn)

3 češnja češnjaka (0,75 kn)

3 žlice maslaca (3,00 kn)

500 g šampinjona (15,00 kn)

Pregršt gljiva shii taka (10,00 kn)

2 šalice pilećeg temeljca (3,62 kn)

Pregršt svježeg peršina (1,00 kn)

2 žlice kukuruznog škroba (0,50 kn)

2 žlice tople vode (–)

Za zaljev:

1/3 šalice pilećeg temeljca (0,60 kn)

2 žlice maslaca (2,00 kn)


Maslac za namastiti posudu za pečenje (0,50 kn)


Za početak narežite puretinu na sitne kockice, pomiješajte sa po ½ žličice soli i ½ žličice papra, pa ostavite da miruju 20-tak minuta. U međuvremenu možete narezati luk, češnjak, gljive i peršin da vam sve bude kasnije spremno.

Stavite veći lonac na jaku vatru, pa na žlici ulja ispecite pola puretine. Maknite meso kada je gotovo, dodajte novu žlicu ulja i ispecite ostatak mesa. Svo meso izvadite iz lonca i držite sa strane.

Dodajte ostatak ulja i na njemu izdinstajte luk da omekša i postane staklast. Ubacite češnjak, promiješajte i kuhajte minutu-dvije. Sada dodajte maslac, gljive i ostatak soli i papra, pa sve dobro promiješajte. Kuhajte desetak minuta, dok gljive ne omekšaju. Prelijte temeljac, dodajte sjeckani peršin i pustite da zavrije. Razmutite kukuruzni škrob u vodi i umiješajte u kipući nadjev da ga zgusnete. Vratite u lonac pečenu puretinu, sve dobro promiješajte, kušaje i prilagodite začine.

Pustite da se nadjev malo ohladi. U međuvremenu namastite posudu ili posude za pečenje i stavite na stranu. Ja sam bureke raspodijelila u dva protvana, s time da sam jedan pekla odmah, a drugi smrznula za kasnije, pa organizirajte situaciju kako vama najbolje odgovara.

Kada ste spremni za pečenje, zagrijte pećnicu na 180°C. Raširite kore na čistoj ravnoj površini. Na svaku koru stavite oko 3 žlice nadjeva, zarolajte i slažite u pripremljeni protvan. Ako planirate smrzavati bureke, samo pokrijte protvan sa složenim burekima sa prozirnom folijom i stavite u frizer. Nemorate ništa odmrzavati prije pečenja, samo pecite još dodatnih 5 minuta. U protivnom, stavite bureke u pećnicu i pecite 30 minuta, dok ne postanu zlatno-žuti i hruskavi.

Ako volite hrskave bureke, možete ih odmah sada jesti jer su spremni. Ja volim da su mekaniji, pa dodajem i zaljev. Imajte na umu da je količina zaljeva ovdje u receptu za svih 12 bureka, pa ako ste nešto smrzavali prilagodite količinu da ne završite sa gnjecavim užasom.

Kada su bureki pečeni stavite da ostatak od 1/3 šalice temeljca sa 2 žlice maslaca zavrije. Pokapajte ovaj zaljev po pečenim burecima, pokrijte protvan aluminijskom folijom i vratite u pećnicu na 10 još minuta. Budite jako oprezni kada baratate protvanom jer će sve biti vruće, kao i kada ćete micati foliju sa njega, da vas para ne zahvati. Bureke narežite na manje komade i poslužite tople. Za podgrijavanje, bombardirajte ih u mikrovalnoj pola minute ili podgrijte u pećnici u poklopljenoj posudi.

Turkey and Mushroom Phyllo Rolls / Burek sa puretinom i gljivama

Autumn Triangles are the New Spring Rolls (with a vegan option!) / Jesenski trokutići su nove proljetne rolice (sa veganskom opcijom!)

While thinking about what to cook the other day, I realized that I have a few sheets of phyllo pastry leftover from a different recipe. I absolutely didn’t want to throw them away, so I decided to combine other odds and ends from the fridge and make these quick snacks.

Since I had a bit of leftover pork roast, I went ahead and threw it in the filling as well. However, feel free to replace pork with any other meat, or ditch it altogether. To make vegan versions of these triangles, replace butter with coconut or sunflower seed oil and use smoked tofu or sauted mushrooms for the filling.



(Yields 6 triangles / 0.53 EUR per triangle / 2.12 EUR for all)

¼ of small cabbage head (0.13 EUR)

1 large carrot (0.10 EUR)

2 spring onions (0.27 EUR)

Small piece of roasted pork (0.67 EUR)

Pinch of salt (0.01 EUR)

Pinch of freshly ground black pepper (0.01 EUR)

3 sheets of phyllo pastry (0.40 EUR)

4 tbsp butter, melted (0.53 EUR)



Preheat oven to 180°C. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Thinly slice cabbage, carrot, spring onions and pork, then toss it all together with salt and pepper. Cut the phyllo sheets in half so you end up with 6 strips. Brush each strip with melted butter, place a small amount of filling in one corner and fold the phyllo into a triangle. Repeat until all the filling and phyllo strips are used up.

Space out the triangles on prepared baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes in a middle rack, until crispy and golden. Serve hot, or at room temperature. You can also quickly reheat the triangles in a microwave on the next day, if needed.



Dok sam se neki dan bavila mišlju što skuhati, sjetila sam se da imam par listova tijesta za savijače koji su mi ostali od nekog drugog recepta. Bilo mi ih je žao baciti, pa sam odlučila iskombinirati i druge ostatke iz frižidera i smutiti ovaj brzinski snack.

Pošto sam imala i malo svinjskog pečenja, ono je također završilo u nadjevu. Međutim, slobodno zamijenite svinjetinu nekim drugim mesom ili meso skroz izbacite. Za vegansku verziju trokutića umjesto maslaca upotrijebite kokosovo ili suncokretovo ulje, a umjesto mesa upotrijebite dimljeni tofu ili dinstane gljive.


(Za 6 trokutića / 2,64 kn po trokutiću / 15,81 kn za sve)

¼ male glavice kupusa (1,00 kn)

1 velika mrkva (0,75 kn)

2 mlada luka (2,00 kn)

Komadić svinjskog pečenja (5,00 kn)

Prstohvat soli (0,01 kn)

Prstohvat svježe mljevenog crnog papra (0,05 kn)

3 kore za savijače (3,00 kn)

4 žlice maslaca, rastopljene (4,00 kn)


Zagrijte pećnicu na 180°C. Obložite protvan za pečenje masnim papirom i stavite na stranu. Jako tanko narežite kupus, mrkvu, mladi luk i meso, pa sve skupa pomiješajte sa soli i paprom. Raspolovite kore, tako da ukupno imate 6 traka. Svaku traku premažite maslacem, u jedan kut stavite malo nadjeva i složite tijesto u trokut. Ponavljajte dok ne potrošite sav nadjev i tijesto.

Raširite trokutiće po pripremljenom protvanu i pecite 20 minuta u sredini pećnice, dok trokutići ne budu hruskavi i zlatno-žuti. Poslužite vruće ili na sobnoj temperaturi. Trokutiće možete i sljedeći dan po potrebi kratko podgrijati u mikrovalnoj.

Autumn Triangles are the New Spring Rolls (with a vegan option!) / Jesenski trokutići su nove proljetne rolice (sa veganskom opcijom!)

Corn Horns / Kukuruzni roščići

One of our local bakery chains sells these tiny, delicious corn horns. I rarely buy any bakery products, but when I do, 90% of the time it’s those little buggers. Of course, I figured they can’t be that hard to make, so after a bit of research, this is what I came up with.

Just be warned, these are totally addictive, so be prepared to ruin your diet. 😀



(Yields 16 horns / 0.06 EUR per horn / 1.01 EUR for all)

For the dough:

1 cup corn flour (0.10 EUR)

1 cup boiling water (–)

1 cup warm milk (0.20 EUR)

1 tsp dry yeast (0.13 EUR)

1 tbsp sugar (0.01 EUR)

1 ½ – 2 cups plain white flour, divided (0.13 EUR)

3 tbsp olive oil (0.13 EUR)

1 tsp salt (0.01 EUR)


1 egg (0.20 EUR)

1 tsp coarse sea salt (0.01 EUR)

1 tsp cumin seeds (0.07 EUR)


Flour for dusting the work surface (0.01 EUR)

Oil for greasing the mixing bowl (0.01 EUR)



Start off by placing corn flour in a mixing bowl and pouring boiling water over it. Quickly stir to form a thick sticky mass. In a separate small bowl, whisk together warm milk, yeast, sugar and 1 teaspoon of plain white flour. Allow the yeast mixture to rest for about 10 minutes until it starts getting foamy. Be sure that your milk isn’t hot, because it will kill the yeast and the dough won’t rise. The safe milk temperature is if you can comfortably stick your finger in it.


After 10 minutes, add 1 ½ cups of plain flour, olive oil and salt to corn flour mixture. Pour the bubbly yeast over that and give a good stir to form shabby dough. Dump everything on a clean work surface and briefly knead, incorporating more flour, bit by bit, as you knead along. The final dough should be quite soft and pliable, but not too sticky. Clean your bowl, lightly coat in oil and turn the dough ball around to grease from all sides. Cover the bowl with clean kitchen towel and allow the dough to rest until doubled in size, for about 45 minutes.


Once the dough has risen, gently deflate and divide into two balls. Roll out each ball on a floured work surface into a thin disc. Then cut each disc into 8 triangles. At this point you can also add stuffing to the horns, but I decided to just roll them out empty. Roll the triangles to form the horns, then space them out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Cover the shaped horns with a clean kitchen towel and allow to rest for additional 10-15 minutes for the second proofing.


When ready for baking, preheat oven to 190°C. Whisk an egg and brush over horns. Sprinkle coarse sea salt and cumin seeds on top and bake in the middle rack for 20 minutes, until beautiful golden-brown. Serve warm or at room temperature.


The horns taste the best on their first day, but will keep for a day or two at room temperature in an airtight container. Alternatively, you can do-ahead and freeze the horns after second proofing, before giving them an egg wash. Then just give them an egg wash straight out of the freezer, sprinkle with toppings and bake.


Jedna naša lokalna pekara prodaje male, prefine kukuruzne roščiće. Kupujem vrlo malo pekarskih proizvoda, i to su u 90% slučajeva baš te kiflice. Naravno, zaključila sam da ih ne može biti prekomplicirano za napraviti doma. Nakon malo istraživanja, ovo je konačni rezultat.

Malo upozorenje – ovi roščići izazivaju ovisnost, tako da budite spremni da si zeznete dijetu. 😀


(Za 16 roščića / 0,47 kn po roščiću / 7,51 kn za sve)

Za tijesto:

1 šalica kukuruznog brašna (0,75 kn)

1 šalica kipuće vode (–)

1 šalica toplog mlijeka (1,50 kn)

1 žličica suhog kvasca (1,00 kn)

1 žlica šećera (0,05 kn)

1 ½ – 2 šalice glatkog brašna, podijeljene (1,00 kn)

3 žlice maslinovog ulja (0,99 kn)

1 žličica soli (0,01 kn)

Za posipanje:

1 jaje (1,50 kn)

1 žličica krupne morske soli (0,01 kn)

1 žličica sjemenki kima (0,50 kn)


Brašno za posipati radnu plohu (0,10 kn)

Ulje za namastiti posudu (0,10 kn)


Za početak stavite kukuruzno brašno u veću posudu i prelijte kipućom vodom. Brzo promiješajte da dobijete gustu, ljepljivu smjesu. U manjoj zdjelici pomiješajte toplo mlijeko, kvasac, šećer i 1 žličicu glatkog brašna. Pustite da odmara 10-tak minuta dok kvasac ne nabubri i postane pjenast. Pazite da mlijeko ne bude prevruće jer će ubiti kvasac i tijesto se neće dignuti. Sigurna temperatura mlijeka je kada možete u njega bez problema umočiti prst.

Nakon 10 minuta dodajte 1 ½ šalicu glatkog brašna, maslinovo ulje i sol u smjesu kukuruznog brašna. Prelijte preko svega pjenasti kvasac i dobro promiješajte da se formira labavo tijesto. Istresite na čistu radnu plohu i kratko mijesite, dodajući po potrebi još malo po malo brašna. Tijesto treba biti meko i podatno, ali ne previše ljepljivo. Očistite posudu, namastite s malo ulja, pa unutra okrećite kuglu tijesta da se namasti sa svih strana. Prekrijte posudu čistom krpom i pustite da tijesto odmara oko 45 minuta, dok se ne udvostruči.

Kada se tijesto dignulo, nježno ga ispuhnite i podijelite u dvije lopte. Razvaljajte obje lopte na dobro pobrašnjenoj plohi u tanke diskove. Onda svaki disk podijelite na 8 trokuta. Po želji, sada možete dodati i neku filu u kiflice, ali ja sam odlučila napraviti prazne. Zarolajte trokute u roščiće i raširite ih po protvanu obloženom papirom za pečenje. Pokrijte sve čistom krpom i ostavite da se tijesto digne drugi puta, još 10-15 minuta.

Kada ste spremni za pečenje, zagrijte pećnicu na 190°C. Razmutite jaje i njime premažite roščiće. Posipajte krupnom soli i kimom, pa pecite u sredini pećnice 20 minuta, dok roščići ne dobiju lijepu zlatno-smeđu boju. Poslužite roščiće tople ili na sobnoj temperaturi.

Roščići su najbolji istoga dana, ali držati će još dan ili dva na sobnoj temperaturi u hermetički zatvorenoj posudi. Također, možete si ih pripremiti unaprijed i zamrznuti ih nakon što se drugi puta dignu, a prije nego ih premažete jajem. Onda ih samo onako smrznute premažite jajem, posipajte čime želite i odma stavite peći.

Corn Horns / Kukuruzni roščići

Easiest Green Beans Ever (Vegan) / Najlakše mahune ikad (veganske)

I feel like green beans are a totally underestimated vegetable. Which is sad, because I really like them a lot. The following recipe works great served either warm or cold. I usually serve the green beans warm as a side dish, but cold as a salad. For me both are equally tasty and satisfying.



(Yields 4 servings / 0.30 EUR per serving / 1.21 EUR for all)

2 tbsp olive oil (0.09 EUR)

500 g of frozen green beans (1.00 EUR)

3 cloves of garlic, minced (0.10 EUR)

Good pinch of salt (0.01 EUR)

Good pinch of freshly ground black pepper (0.01 EUR)



Preheat a deep skillet or a pot on high heat. Add in oil, green beans, minced garlic, salt and pepper and stir vigorously. Cook covered for 10-15 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Adjust the cooking time by how well done you prefer your green beans. The recipe would also work great with fresh green beans, but I would briefly blanch those before cooking with garlic and spices.


Čini mi se kao da  su mahune totalno podcijenjeno povrće. Što je malo tužno, jer ih ja stvarno jako volim. Ovaj recept funkcionira jednako dobro topao ili hladan. Ja obično mahune poslužim tople kao prilog, a hladne kao salatu. Oboje mi je jednako fino.


(Za 4 porcije / 2,24 kn po porciji / 8,97 kn za sve)

2 žlice maslinovog ulja (0,66 kn)

500 g smrznutih zelenih mahuna (7,50 kn)

3 češnja češnjaka, sitno nasjeckana (0,75 kn)

Dobar prstohvat soli (0,01 kn)

Dobar prstohvat svježe mljevenog crnog papra (0,05 kn)


Zagrijte duboku tavu ili lonac na visokoj temperaturi. Dodajte ulje, mahune, sjeckani češnjak, sol i papar pa dobro promiješajte. Kuhajte poklopljeno 10-15 minuta uz povremeno miješanje. Vrijeme kuhanja prilagodite tome kakvu teksturu mahuna volite. Ovaj bi recept jednako dobro funkcionirao i sa svježim mahunama, samo bi ih ja kratko blanširalal prije nego što bi ih stavila kuhati sa češnjakom i začinima.

Easiest Green Beans Ever (Vegan) / Najlakše mahune ikad (veganske)

Crispy Spicy Chickpeas (vegan) / Hrskavi pikantni slanutak (veganski)

If you already have an oven going for something else, please take out additional couple of minutes of your day to toss together these crispy little treats. Warning: these are equally addictive on their own, as a snack, of tossed together with a salad.



(0.85 EUR)

2 cups precooked chickpeas (0.67 EUR)

2 tbsp olive oil (0.09 EUR)

1 tsp smoked paprika (0.07 EUR)

1 tsp salt (0.01 EUR)

½ tsp freshly cracked black pepper (0.01 EUR)



Preheat oven to 200°C. Drain chickpeas from any liquid, pat dry with kitchen towel and toss together with oil, paprika, salt and pepper. Spread on a baking sheet in a single layer and roast for 20 minutes, stirring halfway through to ensure even crispiness. Enjoy as a snack, or in salads.


Here they are in action, combined with crisped bacon and lettuce rubbed with lemony arugula pesto.

Ako ste već upalili pećnicu radi nečeg drugog, molim vas da izdvojite još koju minutu vašeg vremena i smutite ove hrskave poslastice. Upozorenje: ovaj slanutak izaziva podjednaku ovisnost sam za sebe, kao grickalica, ili u kombinaciji sa salatom.


(6,22 kn)

2 šalice kuhanog slanutka (5,00 kn)

2 žlice maslinovog ulja (0,66 kn)

1 žličica dimljene crvene paprike (0,50 kn)

1 žličica soli (0,01 kn)

½ žličice svježe mljevenog crnog papra (0,05 kn)


Zagrijte pećnicu na 200°C. Ocijedite slanutak od tekućine pa posušite kuhinjskim ručnikom. Pomiješajte sa uljem, paprikom, soli i paprom. Raširite po protvanu u jednom sloju i pecite 20 minuta. Promiješajte na pola pečenja kako bi ste osigurali jednaku hrskavoću. Papajte kao snack ili u salati.

Evo i slanutka u akciji, u kombinaciji sa hruskavim špekom i salatom u koju je utrljan pesto od rukole i limuna.

Crispy Spicy Chickpeas (vegan) / Hrskavi pikantni slanutak (veganski)